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"How one girl’s tragedy transformed the Christian community"

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About the book


There is nothing new about losing a loved one. Frankly it happens all the time. We can go online and order a book by any number of people who have faced tragedy. These people wrote about their struggles with the loss and how they were able to turn it into something good. Because the event occurred to someone famous, the outpouring of love and support is huge. Thousands of supporters contact them to help. Cards, letters, money pour in and they are able to do something amazing to honor their loved one. A hospital wing is added; a library is dedicated. People point and say how God was able to turn something bad into something good.

But what happens when the loss occurs to people in a small community where no one outside of that community has ever heard of them? What if the good that God wants to perform is not nearly as visible as a hospital wing yet far more eternal as well? What if, rather than helping the individual get through the loss, God is more interested in shaking the foundations of his church so that he can rebuild it in a new and better form? That is the story here. God took the tragic death of a miracle child and performed an amazing transformation of his church. He took the events around this event and knocked down denominational walls and preconceived ideas by his church in order to reform it into a fellowship of believers simply attending His church in different buildings. “That they may be one” was the prayer of Jesus and that is the true story of this account.


As you read these pages, the God who authored this story may touch you deeply and change you as He has changed us. For those who are going through a tragedy, this story may bring comfort and hope. For those who know someone going through a difficult time, there are lessons to be learned. For those who want to see God move in a mighty way among the churches, this book may challenge you to the core of your beliefs because at the heart of this message is that prayer, "That they may be one."


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