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"How one girl’s tragedy transformed the Christian community"

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Gary and Cindy Besaw are available to speak at Christ centered events such asWomens conferences, Mens conferences and Couples retreats. In addition, they can also work with your church for special speaking engagements.


Tragedy can take many forms. For some it is the loss of a loved one. For others, it might be an unfaithful spouse, the loss of a job etc. While built around the tragic death of their daughter Christine, these workshops are geared towards people in whatever situation they are in. The goal is to help people see that the god who desires an intimate love relationship with each one of us is in the midst of their tragedy.

The workshops are primarily built around the themes that Gary and Cindy have been developing for a possible future book, "How to disaster proof your marriage." The key topics for the workshops are:

"How to disaster proof your marriage"
"What to do when you are in the midst of disaster"
"How can you help someone who is in the midst of disaster"


If you'd like to find out how you can arrange for them to participate in your event or church, just contact them.



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